Meet the Staph

fin blue

In order to win “most unusual collection” at the annual elementary school intergrade show-and-tell, little Stevie Levandoski collected toothpaste caps for a year, without first checking to see if there indeed was a most unusual collection category. It was not his most wasted year.

The Oddville Press published “Chatter Box” in their Fall 2020 issue, The Antihumanist released “Period” in their 3rd edition and The Writing Disorder published “The Adverb Factory” in their summer 2022 edition. 

Steve plays drums in Recording Club. He’s also the Steven in his musical solo project Steven Stereo.

He lives in Philly with his wife Lisa and pug Phil Collins.


Do you want someone to Beta Read your writing? Look no further. Check out his Fivver.

Want to tell him what he’s doing wrong? Drop a line:

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